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Ericka Y Slaton

Product Brand Strategist & Photographer

Giving you the tools to elevate your Branding and grow your product business.

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Let's elevate your product brand...

I offer several different services, all with the same goal in mind, to take your product business from where it is now to newer heights. 

You got it off the ground on your own, and I applaud you for that, but now you're ready to invest in your business's growth to take it to that next level, to reach more people, to truly stand out in your industry, and to build the purposeful brand that you dreamed of.


Hi, I’m Ericka

A fun-loving, no excuses, foundational Branding Coach, pushing new product entrepreneurs out of their comfort zones and into purposeful, profitable businesses.

I’ve worked in this ever-evolving field of Branding & Digital Marketing for a decade, helping different size businesses further their online presence and better communicate with their target audience.​


All of my services, and the creation of The Ultimate Brand Planner are created with the new entrepreneur in mind. The passion I have for helping other women succeed in entrepreneurship, is a driving force daily.

My Happy Clients

"My experience with the ultimate brand academy was truly invaluable. Although I signed up for branding services, I left getting so much more ie personal growth, inspiration, encouragement, affirmations. As a black female entrepreneur, I can honestly say this was the best investment I have made for my business thus far."

Tariean Alexis

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