Rebrand your business and create a solid plan for growth & success in just 8 weeks


     Your products aren't          "common" they're

Let's address the problem:

You've taken the DIY approach to your business, and while it got you started, you're realizing that it's not enough.

You're managing competing priorities and growing your product business requires more time than you're truly able to dedicate to its growth.

You love what you do and what you create, but you've never really viewed your products as a solution.

You never established a target audience, so you're blindly selling to "everyone" in an effort to generate sales.

You're doing your best to take quality product photos and videos, but they're missing the mark, and not showcasing just how great your products are.

You want to grow your business, but without a solid strategy, it seems hopeless and you've thought about quitting.

Building a product-based business that stands out from the crowd is tough. There's a ton of competition, plus you have lots of other competing priorities, so you're limited on time to create your products.

As tough as it is,

you haven't given up yet.

But you also haven't taken any

real steps toward growth.



You believe:

  • you can’t have a thriving business only working part-time

  • the market is oversaturated

  • niching down will cut off a lot of customers

The truth is...

those beliefs are wrong,
and all you need is a blueprint
to get you from struggle to success.

That life you envisioned is still possible. You can be your authentic self, live freely and abundantly, run a successful product business, and impact lives.


You can finally make everything click, work less, and watch your business become the source of passion and profit you always wanted it to be.


Understanding of your purpose, positioning & presentation are all you need, and through my framework, I'll get you there.

ericka y slaton working.jpg

Trust Me, I know firsthand.

treating my product  biz like a hobby

trying to sell to everyone, but ultimately selling to nobody

not knowing how to create better content for a product

I couldn't get things in my business to move faster, but I wasn't going to let myself, my family or all my future customers down by quitting.

I had to make a choice, and now so do you.

Do you want this as bad as you say you do?





I want it for you. It's your time. Your time to shift the narrative of your life and build a product business like you never imagined.

Having a successful, impactful, product business is within your reach and can become your reality once you learn how to

Uncover Your

Correct Your

Perfect Your

You've been trying on your own for long enough, now it's time to get the expertise you need to make it happen.

The "expensive hobby" grace period is coming to an end, and you need to start seeing some real profit immediately.

Homemade Skin Care


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This is an 8-week, group coaching program, that helps you uncover the true purpose in your products and includes a visual rebrand, allowing you to confidently step into your new messaging and begin attracting more customers.

Keyboard and Mouse

What are we doing during our time together?


Uncover Your Purpose

We'll work together to get to the root of the issue in your business by addressing your mindset around your products, and discover what's really holding you back. We'll also begin to tackle the mission and messaging you'd like to establish moving forward in your business in order to make an impact with your customers.


Correct Your Postioning

We're going to build off of your newly established Mission, and take what you currently have established, in your business and make a few changes. We'll make sure that you're targeting the appropriate audience, have a profitable pricing structure, and finally give your business a signature product.


Perfect Your Presentation

We'll build once more on your Mission and create an upgraded, appealing visual brand identity for your product business. Branding isn't all about the aesthetics, but that is a huge aspect of it when it comes to attracting attention. So we're going to address the look of your products as well as your brand photos & videos.


Launch Your Rebrand

It's time to share all your hard work with the world. You will learn how to execute a successful rebrand of your business that takes your current customers along for the ride with you, while attracting new potential customers to your business as well.


Plan Your Growth

The rebrand isn't the end. In fact, it's just the beginning. We'll work together to plan out a sustainable strategy for your business' growth over the next 18-24 months. Preparing you to take your business full time.

Want to know what's included in the Profitable Product Accelerator?
Here are all the details:

The overall value of this group coaching program is more than $8500.

So much value, and here's all it'll cost you...

Choose the investment option that works best for you.

Pay in full
4 installments of



 This program is right for you if:    

You're an ambitious, motivated, passionate, self-starter, ready to build something great.

You're in this for the long haul, and you want to do it right.

You're committed to showing up, excellence, customer service, and positive impact.

You're looking for a way to better manage your product business and other priorities.

 This program is not right for you if:    

You don't think your product business is worth investing in.

You're looking for instant success, and unwilling to consistently put in the work.

You're content with where your business is now, because it's just a hobby to you.

You're not willing to learn and try something new in your business.

Hi, I’m Ericka,

Your Product Brand Coach

I'm an Army wife, stay at home mom of (almost) 4, and an entrepreneur.


When I started my business in 2018, I had a purposeful branding problem too. I knew what I was literally offering to my followers, but I didn’t have the Branding in place to speak to a target audience, nor did I have clear messaging to show how my offer would actually help them.

In these 4 years, between all my competing priorities, I still managed to help 30 women brand their new businesses, 3 of which, I helped create a completely original product in just 9 weeks.


I specialize in helping women entrepreneurs, just like you, turn your business dreams into reality by helping you identify your true value, get clear on your mission, find your authentic voice, attract your audience, and develop a plan for visibility and growth.


I am NOT the "make six-figures in 30 days" kind of coach. I'm the coach that is going to teach you the fundamentals. The fundamentals that will position you to create a purposeful brand, and live the life you desire.

I've spent enough time struggling and stressing to know that IT SUCKS, and I don't want you to experience the headaches I did. So, I'm sharing my wisdom with you.

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Caution, this Accelerator  will cause you to...

go from this...

  • Expensive hobby

  • Not knowing what to post or how to grow

  • Struggling to connect with your audience

  • Not reaching sales goals

  • Not being seen online this!

  • Creating products with a purpose

  • Having a well identified audience

  • Speaking to your customer's needs and desires

  • Regularly obtaining new customers

  • Establishing brand loyalty

  • Working less, but profiting more

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Confidence to speak to the value you provide

  • Have a clear visibility strategy for growth

  • Restored belief in your dreams and ability

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